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Together CLC donated over $3,000 worth of supplies that were turned into over 100+ personal care kits, 25 new home kits and gas cards for veterans in need.  Just as important, the children of several area councils created homemade cards that were attached to each kit plus another bag full of cards that can be used when needed.



is more important

than your family!

2017 CLC Final Quadrennial Convention

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Several CLC members along with past board members, home office staff and guests gathered for the final CLC Quadrennial Convention. The historic event was held at Deer Creek State Park Lodge and Convention Center from July 31 - August 1. Members and guests enjoyed a motivational speaker, an apron contest and raised money for the Athens Pregnancy Resource Center by holding a silent auction, a jitney auction and selling special edition convention cookbooks. Those interested in purchasing a cookbook may contact the home office.

2017 Coloring Contest Winners

Level 1
1st place – Courtney Horstman; Co #88
2nd place – Norah Elizabeth Green; Co #84
3rd place – Claire Niese; Co 217

Level 2
1st place – Kessen Littrell; Co #217
2nd place – Eliana Niese; Co #217
3rd place – Karlee Horstman; Co #88

Level 3
1st place – Mirabella F Zagar; Co #133
2nd place – Haley Horstman; Co #88
3rd place – Audrey Bower; Co #86

CLC’s 2017 Annual Make a Difference Day Raises Money for Veterans

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1    Easter

7    Council #7 Spring Fling

12-13    Council #86 Rummage Sale

22    Earth Day