Fraternal Benefit Society Since 1897


Scholarship winners:

Council 205 – Fostoria
 Mikael Keiffer, Owens CC
Council 84 – Landeck
 Connor Miller, West Jefferson HS
Council 84 – Landeck
 Lauren Buettner, Ohio State University
Council 86 – Upper Sandusky
 Sierra Carey, Upper Sandusky HS
Council 205 – Fostoria
 Julia Evans, Ohio State University
Council 86 – Upper Sandusky
 Tori Kirian, University of Findlay
Council 133 – Cleveland
 Rachael Quandt, Solon High School
Council 86 - Upper Sandusky

 Sarah Buckingham, Bishop Hartley HS
Council 88 – Ft. Jennings
 Ethan Kimmett, Temple University
Council 6 – Leipsic
 Emily Kreinbrink, Ohio State University
Council 84 – Landeck
 Chelsea Giesken, BGSU
Council 134 - Kalida
 Brooke Lucke, Wright State University
Council 6 – Leipsic
 Matthew Niese, St. Francis DeSales HS
Council 84 – Landeck
 Elijah Etzkorn, Wapakeneta HS
Council 6 – Leipsic
 Alivia Kaufman, Leipsic High School
Council 166 – Columbus Grove
 Julia Wynn, Columbus State University
Council 115 – Buccyrus
 Chloe Schlorb, Capital University
Council 134 – Kalida
 Trent Siebeneck,  Kalida High School
Council 32 – Defiance
 Emma Bowden, University of Findlay
Council 6 – Leipsic
 Anna Gerten,  Ohio State University
Council 75 – New Bavaria
 Megan Warnimont, Miller City High
Council 6 – Leipsic
 Ashley Alt, Pandora - Gilboa
Council 217 – Russels Point
 Monica Boswell, University of Findlay
Council 221 – Cuba
 Grant Schroeder, Leipsic High School
Council 88 – Ft. Jennings
 Renee Vorst, Siena Heights University

​As a member of Catholic Ladies of Columbia, you are eligible for American Hearing Benefits (AHB). This free hearing benefits program gives you access to free hearing consultations and discounts on hearing aids through our nationwide network of hearing professionals. 

As you may know, most insurance plans do not cover hearing healthcare. At AHB, we believe the quality of your hearing directly affects the quality of your life, and we are excited to be working with Catholic Ladies of Columbia on providing hearing health solutions. 

Click the above logo for more information.

Fraternal Benefits
Anyone who holds a policy with CLC automatically receives CLC fraternal benefits and membership into the Society. What does this mean for you?  
Local Council Meetings
Most areas have local councils—a group of CLC members who gather together.  Local councils provide members with the benefits of social activities and participation in fraternal endeavors with like-minded individuals.  They organize and participate in charitable work, hold monthly meetings, and generally support each other.  We love our local CLC councils!  We utilize a “Friendship Box” to keep our local councils connected—sharing ideas, small gifts or even pizza!  

Charitable and Volunteer Opportunities
Another benefit of joining a local council is the opportunity for CLC to match your charitable fundraising.  We want to support and encourage our members to give back to their community.  CLC offers Matching Funds, a program where CLC will match monies raised for an individual in need, up to $500.  Charitable Contributions is a program established where a council can request a donation of up to $500 to go to an organization or charity that is doing good in the community.

Prayer Requests
Members share in the spiritual benefits of being enrolled in a perpetual membership with the Sisters of Notre Dame.  If you need a special prayer, individual requests can be sent directly to Sister Deb by sending an email  Local councils have annual Masses for their living and deceased members.  If requested, CLC council members will offer prayers at a member's funeral services.  Even in death, CLC supports and honors our members.

The Index
A monthly publication, is sent out to every adult member of the Society, either mailed to their home or available via email. The Index provides articles on recent activities from the CLC Home Office, Board of Directors meetings, local councils and volunteering/charitable events.  It is another way for you to stay connected with others in the Society across all four states.  We are always looking for news from our members to share in the Index—if you have something special going on in your life or in your community that you think would be enjoyed by our Society, please let us know!  You can send us an email to or call the Home Office at 800-845-0494.

Any student, holding an active policy with CLC for at least 3 calendar years, is eligible to apply for one of our 25 yearly scholarships of $1,000.  Students can win this scholarship up to 2 times and the awarded funds can be applied towards tuition, books, room and board, or general education expenses, no questions asked.  To qualify, students must submit a personal essay, provide 2 recommendations, and provide a simple financial statement.   (See the application for complete details) We encourage all of our members, whether you are a recent high school graduate, graduate student or returning to school to start a second career, to apply for this scholarship as we are excited to help support you in your educational goals! Applications are accepted January 1 – February 28, 2018.  To apply for this year’s scholarship please download and fill out this form and mail it to the home office: Scholarship Application

Newborn Infant Benefit
As your family grows, CLC would like to celebrate with you!  Each child born to a member with at least $2,000 in permanent life insurance or $10,000 in term insurance, is automatically insured from age 8 days to 60 days, at no cost to the parent.  After 8 days and during the remaining 52 days, the parents may apply for insurance to become effective on the 60th day of life.  This insurance will be issued at standard rates regardless of the child's health.  In cases of medical complications, this fraternal benefit can be incredibly beneficial as life insurance may be denied from all other carriers.

Orphan Benefit
In the unfortunate case that a minor child were to lose both parents, CLC provides insured children, under age 18, a monthly benefit upon the death of both parents.  We care for our members and do as much as possible to ensure for their wellbeing, even in the worst of situations.

Faith. Hope. Charity. Friendship.